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I am a strategic business leader with a passion for digital transformation, maximizing revenue, increasing retention, and identifying growth opportunities. Currently, pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration at Penn State University.


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My Specialization

Substantial experience developing and executing corporate strategies to drive growth, profitability and digital transformation.


Passionate about helping clients grow by addressing their needs at the intersection of strategy, marketing, and innovation. Supported and lead the specific corporate strategy projects that focus primarily on growth, innovation, risk, and operations. Projects could include specific functional businesses, including consulting, advisory, and cross functional business opportunities, new services or businesses, or specific channels. Constant interaction with senior leaders in the organization and executed various special projects which have the potential to significantly impact organization.

Working tirelessly to be an indispensable partner to my clients and peers, to drive growth and help architect the ultimate B2B/B2C customer experience. Responsible for and managed sales, marketing, account management, operations, and procurement. I thrive on big business ideas that excite, motivate and drive results. As a clear communicator, my approach is to understand business needs first, then align my teams around strategic initiatives to drive maximum return.



Motivational speaker delivering inspirational online speeches to audiences. Development of content based on listeners immediate needs for improvements in their lives. Passionate about helping others with relevant “Life” advice coming from past experiences and how this relates to being your “True” self and not needing to change who we are at work and home to fit the mold of society. Currently working on releasing podcast in 2023 and 1st book in 2024.

Leads the strategic campaign and program development to drive new customer acquisitions for products via conversational marketing & direct sales account management. Identifies effective marketing strategies and targeted program opportunities. Takes a program from concept to execution, and evaluates against qualitative and quantitative objectives. Engages in cross-group collaboration with key boundary partners to meet or exceed growth and profit objectives by partnering to optimize the marketing of products through multiple channels. Pioneered quota based sales philosophy to grow ROI to unimagined heights with proven “Real World” success.

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